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Acupuncture Testimonials

Acupuncture Testimonials

'Joo is amazing. His sensitive listening approach and inspired application of Five Element Accupunture has opened up my body so that it can heal itself. My body is finding its unique sense of peace and integration. The process is light and profound at the same time. He gets my vote big time!' - Belinda Ackermann, London

"Joo's treatments have changed my life. I was in a very dark place, bordering on depression, unable to see a way forward. Now I literally feel like a new person. Joo is an extremely warm and lovely person, and a very gifted practitioner who treats from his heart and soul. I cannot recommend him highly enough." - Julia, Twickenham

"It's not often that one gets to meet people with such raised awareness and level of consciousness. With Joo, that's tangible. After several yoga and qigong classes, I decided to have an acupuncture session with him. I had no clue that I was buying a one way ticket to a journey of healing. He helped me release a lot of karmic issues and heal several wounds. There are no words to express the gratitude I have towards Joo." - João, London

"Joo immediately made me feel at ease and explained every step of the process thoroughly. He has a kind, understanding and gentle nature, and is a real people person - understanding the stresses and strains of modern life. Twinned with a thorough understanding of the principles of acupuncture, I couldn't have asked for more from my sessions with Joo. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an understanding, highly professional and reliable acupuncturist."  - Jessica M., London

"Your treatment seems to have helped a lot! I have hardly had a hot flush since! Thank you for that!" - Alison W., Oslo

"I noticed a difference after my first session with Joo; feeling less tired and calmer. His approach is welcoming and relaxing, allowing mind and body to open up to this powerful ancient treatment. Acupuncture has been my go-to treatment for years and I'm looking for more sessions with Joo." - Silja F., London

"I just want to say your treatment last week had a profound effect. Thank you so much." - James, Surrey

My body is feeling stronger every day. Thank you so much for helping me out." - Alexander, Highgate


"Working with Joo was fantastic.  He is such a calming and positive presence, and he really listened and thought deeply about the treatment that was most appropriate for me.  It's also worth mentioning that I asked Joo to help me with fertility because I was just starting to try for a baby.  Amazingly, I got pregnant first time round, despite being 39 at the time!" - Izzy, London

"In only four sessions Joo’s Five Element treatments brought about gentle yet powerful shifts in my life. There were several inter personal challenges I was trying to pick through and his sensitivity and carefully targeted work brought about wondrous changes. His holistic approach makes a great deal of sense to me and I am grateful for being introduced to his method. It feels as if we are working together as a team, practitioner and participant, and that has a huge impact. Highly recommended." - Sara Alexander, London

"I had heard about acupuncture but never imagined how deep it heals. Joo listens to you in every way and he shows extreme empathy, which made me feel understood as a whole person. He helped me a lot with stress, constipation, knee and back pain, and in general my entire body, mind and soul felt good after a treatment. I strongly recommend him to balance your body and feel healthier. Joo is a super professional and warm acupuncturist." - Priscila Gutierrez, London

"If acupuncture didn't make me feel so good I would happily never do it again! I used to hate the thought of the needles, but it just seems to work every time. Joo is a patient, caring and reassuring practitioner and his treatments always leave me feeling energised." - Anna F., London

"When I first sat down with Joo, I had no idea what to expect! Joo was very patient and kind - he worked at my pace to help me understand and feel comfortable. He has a great energy, a calm sense around him which I found to be very soothing. I have found the start positive (I have been sleeping like a log!) and look forward to continuing to see Joo more this year." - Stephen, London

"Is this amazing or what? Looks like my hot nights are over. I think it worked! Acupuncture at its best! Thank you so very much. Kicked the night sweats!" - Louise, Twickenham

Yoga + Qigong testimonials

Yoga + Qigong testimonials

"Joo has been a rock and support for me over the years working together. His holistic approach to each session is brilliant. He listens to my needs and understands where I'm at each time we meet. I felt very self conscious in a group class, so he helped me progress and develop 1-2-1 at my own pace, building my confidence and ability. I would recommend working with Joo to build your well-being whatever stage you're at." - James, London

"Your ability, Joo, to gauge the room & alter poses or make changes for our comfort & different abilities was so much more than just intuitive - it's a real gift. The calmness & serenity you brough to the room during meditation was a completely new experience for me." - Ruth A., Southend-on-Sea

"Joo intuitively gauges the room and works out how we are feeling, and then directs our practice accordingly. His mix of positive encouragement, clear instruction and good humour keeps us all motivated. His compassion and commitment is palpable. He brings a sense of calmness and serenity to the room and helped us to listen to our bodies and enter into poses in a supported way. We will miss him!" - Caroline B., London

"Joo's classes are like a compassionate and energising embrace, always leaving me feeling anchored and encouraged in my journey on and off the mat. The moment he walks into the studio, his warm and positive nature lights up the studio. His teaching is creative and contemporary whilst deeply rooted in his in-depth understanding of anatomy and yoga philosophy, making yoga truly accessible to everyone. Joo is a gifted teacher and I highly recommend you attend one of his classes the soonest you can!" - Silja F., London

"Joo’s calm and serene presence has truly inspired me to make yoga a part of my daily life. His workshops and lessons always start with a smile, and he has the very rare ability to state yoga (and qigong) principles in a way that is understandable and that makes sense. I will always be grateful for the short, inspiring readings at the end of the class, and for teaching me to step back, to only go as far as was right for me at that specific moment. I consider myself lucky to have had such a great teacher, so THANK YOU Joo, you have truly inspired me. Still today there are little “bits” that I add on to my practice that you have taught me and that I will carry with me always." - Michelle Montefusco, London

"I have very limited experience of yoga & meditation. I was concerned about whether I would be able to keep up with everyone, especially with the problems I have. During our various classes I never once had this feeling. Joo - you are so perceptive and anticipated any potential difficulty I might have and just made suggestions for how I could work. Carry on what you're doing as you are doing it so well." - Mary C., UK

"Joo's Qigong class became a regular fixture in my week.  Every Friday afternoon I looked forward to joining a group of varied experience, including beginners, to be led through a series of forms that developed into a moving and breathing meditation, the practice being enhanced by Joo's knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  My time practicing with Joo has deepened and expanded my experience of Qigong.  London's loss is Normandy's gain." - Robert Joyce, London

“Joo has a deep respect for body mind connections and a gift for creating gentle attention to detail in students. He never imposes but his quiet energy bathes the room. ” - Mary H., London

“Joo Teoh has something so special and unique about his style, making him one of my favourite teachers in London. His tenderness, coupled with his humour translate into a yoga class that reaches the core of who I am in such a fun and inspiring way. I walk out feeling lighter and more my self every time. ” - Aaron D., London